Joco Nest.

Sensual and light: Joco Nest is an aesthetically pleasing accessory that gently receives newspapers, magazines, cozy blankets, and favorite personal items on a bed of supple, soft dark brown or black leather. The frame is available with a matching finish in matt powder-coated bronze or black.

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The things you like, you like to have beside you – preferably near your favorite spot on the sofa. Joco Nest augments your lifestyle, taking care of the small yet important items that support your everyday well-being. 

With Joco Nest, EOOS has further developed the design language of our Joco Side Tables. The fine steel frame remains characteristic of the design – three-dimensional, light, and transparent. The bed of glove-soft leather is suspended between the slim rods like a hammock.

Minimal in material and structure: thanks to its reduced use of materials and timeless aesthetic, Joco Nest meets high sustainability standards and is an elegant addition to different furnishing styles and environments. Joco Nest will bring joy for many years to come.