Aisuu Chair.

Design: Ginger Zalaba.

Aisuu Chair is a relative of Aisuu Side Chair with its characteristic extended sides. Aisuu Chair stands tall as a classic chair, and finds its place at the dining table or in the hotel bar. The slender, light construction of tubular steel and leather offers relaxed comfort.

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Aisuu Chair is created from quality materials in a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Three tubes meet at six points. Although welded, they appear to be one piece. A contemporary interpretation of Bauhaus with new, optimized means. 

Aisuu Chair and Aisuu Side Chair are an homage to the Chicago New Bauhaus and the designer’s grandfather: Otto Kolb. The original design can be traced back to him. Ginger Zalaba wondered how she could translate this piece of furniture into the present day and updated her grandfather’s design. Clear, almost austere in its geometry, Aisuu Chair is compelling in its effect.