Commercial Bank of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The world’s highest tower, an indoor ski centre in the middle of the desert, a man-made group of islands in the shape of a palm: Dubai succeeds in uniting luxury, modernity and exclusiveness with Arabic flair like virtually no other place in the world. The renowned bank in Dubai decided on furnishings from Walter Knoll. A round sofa from the Lazlo line was specially created to seat 40 people in the Majilis, the assembly room for ceremonial occasions directly under the cupola of the building.

ProjectCommercial Bank of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ArchitectureHamilton Design, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Walter Knoll locationExecutive office, lobby, Majilis, private banking
Walter Knoll product369, bespoke Lazlo sofa, Flow, Foster 500, Good Time, Jason 391, Leon, Living Platform, Nelson 605, Oscar