Hearst Tower, New York, USA

Diagrid design: situated near Central Park in New York, the 46-storey skyscraper of the media group Hearst stretches 182 metres into the sky. Foster + Partners used the existing Art Déco building dating back to 1928 as the base for the new tower. Media magnate William Randolph Hearst had actually planned on building a skyscraper way back then. Today the building plays with architectural history: a network of diagonal steel girders, visible for miles, covers the glass façade of the crystalline-looking tower which appears to arise from the historical walls.

ProjectHearst Tower, New York, USA
ArchitectureFoster + Partners, London, United Kingdom; Adamson Associates, New York, USA
Walter Knoll locationLobby, offices, waiting areas
Walter Knoll productFoster 500, Jason barstools and chairs, Jason Lite, X-Table
PhotosHans-Georg Esch, Hennef/Sieg, Germany