House B., Stuttgart, Germany

A space dominated by shapes and colours, a vibrant and personal living environment filled with works of art – furnished with products by Walter Knoll. A three-dimensional, faceted ceiling contrasts a dark-stained maple parquet floor. Two pillars painted a striking orange set colour accents. This private house in Stuttgart was converted and decorated by the Identity Architects of the Ippolito Fleitz Group from Stuttgart. Here you find the product world of the Walter Knoll brand in a context which represents its inhabitants: top-quality materials, highest quality demands and lasting design.

Project Haus B., Stuttgart, Germany
Interior Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart, Germany
Walter Knoll products Cuoio, FK, Foster 520, Foster Bench, Grand Suite, Haussmann 310, Keypiece Communication Desk, Leadchair, Oki, Storage System, Tobu, Isanka
PhotosZooey Braun, Stuttgart, Germany