Restaurant Alte Post, Nagold, Germany

Like virtually no other town in Germany’s Black Forest, Nagold has become a vital, dynamic centre. The long tradition of masterly craftsmanship is tangible here – craftsmanship that is appreciated all over the world and that explains the success of well-known global players. The town centre with its old core is the hub of local life. The Alte Post restaurant has always been a meeting point – somewhere to chat, dine and quite simply take time out. The new interior design shows both respect towards the original architecture and an understanding of modern design.

ProjectRestaurant Alte Post, Nagold, Germany
Interiorarchitare, Nagold, Germany
Walter Knoll locationBistro, restaurant
Walter Knoll productCuoio, Jason chairs, Jason Lite Wood, Joey, Together
PhotosVolker Kumpf, Frankfurt|Nagold, Germany; Axel Wohlbold, Nagold, Germany