RHEINZINK GmbH & Co. KG, Libeskind Villa, Datteln, Germany

Architectural jewel: the villa Daniel Libeskind designed for titanium-zinc manufacturer RHEINZINK looks like a crystal growing out of the ground. The prototype of the polygon prefabricated house is impressive with the powerful aura of its dynamic lines. Acute and obtuse angles, sloping and vertical walls and intertwined structures are the hallmark of the architecture. RHEINZINK welcomes guests and partners to this striking building, talks of the past and present, and demonstrates products and creative applications.

ProjectRHEINZINK GmbH & Co. KG, Libeskind Villa, Datteln, Germany
ArchitectureStudio Daniel Libeskind, New York, USA
Walter Knoll locationLobbies
Walter Knoll productAmeo tables, Drift, Sen, Stay
PhotosFrank Marburger, Frankfurt, Germany