United Nations Headquarters, Quiet Room, New York, USA

Quiet Room: planned back in the 1950s under the aegis of Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer, piece-by-piece modernisation of the UN headquarters has now got underway. The particular challenge: retaining the architectural and aesthetic spirit of the buildings and their interior. Meuser Architekten submitted an interior design for the Security Council’s Quiet Room that picks up the abstract form of the original design. Representatives of the member states hold their informal discussions in a peaceful lounge atmosphere on furniture made in Herrenberg.

ProjectUnited Nations Headquarters, Quiet Room, New York, USA
ArchitectureLe Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, among others
InteriorMeuser Architeken, Berlin, Germany
Walter Knoll locationQuiet Room
Walter Knoll productAndoo, Foster 500 tables, Foster 502
CarpetReuber Henning, Berlin, Germany
PhotosPhilipp Meuser, Berlin, Germany; UN Photo/Mark Garten