Yandex, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Wonderful new world: the design team from za bor created a futuristic office landscape for Russia’s largest search engine and internet group. On the fourth floor of the Benois Business Center, planned in 2008 by Berlin architect Sergei Tchoban, nps tchoban voss, visitors and employees meet up in the colourful Yandex world: giant 3D search machine icons and familiar internet symbols become functional objects d’art, capriciously positioned along a corridor two hundred metres long. Offices, conference rooms and original meeting pods line the way.

ProjectYandex, Saint Petersburg, Russia
ArchitectureSergei Tchoban, nps tchoban voss, Berlin, Germany
Interiorza bor architects, Moscow, Russia
Walter Knoll locationLobby, meeting pods
Walter Knoll productEclipse, MYchair, T-Ray, Turtle, X-Table
PhotosPeter Zaytsev and Stas Medvedev, Moscow, Russia