The Essence of Excellence: Introducing Sheru

The craftsmanship, passion, and expertise that come together in this design are not only palpable, they will be felt for generations to come.

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Eine vollendete Neuinterpretation des Schalensessels

A minimal design offering maximum comfort. Sheru, meaning "shell" in Japanese, showcases beauty in design and excellence in craftsmanship. The ergonomic shape has been rethought from every angle, to create a new seating experience.

Years in the making:
the story of Sheru

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The Austrian design trio EOOS is the creative force behind Sheru. Together with CEO of Walter Knoll, Markus Benz, the designers talk about the development of the new chair, which began by abandoning everything they knew about upholstery technology.

Leichter als Luft: das Sheru Geheimnis

Invisible, yet palpable from the moment you take a seat: innovative chAIR technology transforms the experience of Sheru. Barely thicker than a yoga mat, the seat is not just superbly comfortable, it is breathable.
The back and seat of the chair contain concealed openings, which allow cool air to circulate freely around the body. Bands in the seat, arranged in the shape of palm leaves, create a pleasantly springy sitting feeling.

Offering variety for every space

Sheru can be configured in millions of different ways. Combine the body, legs, materials, and colors of your choosing to create a chair that perfectly suits your space, whether commercial project or private home.


Chair or armchair?

Sheru is offered in two distinctive forms. Choose the minimalist silhouette of Sheru chAIR, or the perfectly defined contours of Sheru armchAIR - both with integrated chAIR technology for superb seating comfort.

Leather, fabric, or both?

Sheru can be uphostered in fabric, leather, or a combination of the two. Walter Knoll offers an extensive range of beautiful, natural materials to choose from, in an array of colors and finishes. All covers can be exchanged flexibly.

Wood or steel?

The frame of the chair is an ode to minimalism. The sleek and simple base and legs can be crafted in solid wood or (polished) steel, again in a choice of colors and finishes to perfectly suit your space.


At home with Sheru

The compact silhouette of this elegantly minimal chair is a seamless addition to household settings, from the dining area to the living room, home office, or even bedroom.

For office or commercial space, Sheru guarantees enduring style and quality. Meeting high standards of sustainability, the chair offers numerous configurations that stand up to the demands of daily use.

Sheru in Ihrer Nähe

Take a seat, and discover the comfort of Sheru for yourself. The new chair is available from our network of partner retailers - just click below to find your closest stockist.