For a lifetime

Get to know Shinzo 

For us, three core aspects apply to every piece of furniture: the design, the material and the craftsmanship. Shinzo represents each of these competencies – from the fine decorative seams to the precise upholstery, the combination of wood, leather, fabric and steel, and its very own look. Convince yourself.

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Seeing and feeling Shinzo

An armchair like Shinzo is something you have to sit in yourself. Let us advise you personally in an inspiring atmosphere.

Designer Martin Bergmann from EOOS and Walter Knoll CEO Markus Benz with a prototype of the armchair.


“Everything we know, everything we have experienced together, has gone into this armchair.”  

Walter Knoll and EOOS share 25 years of collaboration, friendship, engagement and honesty. The armchair is the result of our common understanding. It demonstrates what we stand for and what is important to us.

At the intersection of top quality, craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics 

Shinzo is an expression of the demands we make on design language, workmanship, comfort and durability. There is a special story behind every single detail. 

Handwritten sketch of the draft.


Design: EOOS.

The power of a good idea is the most beautiful moment while designing. Already the first drafts have resulted in a heart contour. The armchair has become a matter of the heart for all of us – a genuine favorite: Shinzo means heart in Japanese.

With the strength of craftsmanship 

Over the years, we have taken the greatest care to develop manufacturing processes which enable us to make a complex product which doesn’t reveal a single screw. How is Shinzo made? 

Finest saddle leather

We look back on over 150 years of expertise in leather processing. Today, our saddle leathers are among the best in the world. The leather is selected and processed in our workshop in Herrenberg.

Handmade logo embossing on the armchair's back.


One of our upholsterers putting the cover over the pad.


Artistically upholstery

Soft, generous cushion, three-dimensionally shaped, finely divided by leather-covered piping. How is that done? Our upholsterers are among the most experienced in their field - why not take a look over their shoulders during a visit?

Natural solid wood

The fine, warm surface of the wide solid wood armrests entice and encourage a sense of touch. You can choose from four solid woods for your individually composed Shinzo: oak white pigmented, oak tobacco, burned oak or nutwood with sapwood.

Quality inspection and selection of wooden elements.


Markus Benz and Martin Bergmann working on the development of the frame.


Hand-finished metall

The metal is also processed at the highest level, the plate foot is soldered to the frame by hand. The frame forms the basis for the precise upholstery. You can choose between bronze and black for the base of your Shinzo.

The sewing requires the greatest dexterity.


Edge made of high-quality saddle leather.


Fine seams, hand-dyed edges

We use a recessed decorative seam in Shinzo, as otherwise only seen in the finest tack. Details like the hand-dyed saddle leather edge attest to a high level of craftsmanship. 

The saddle leather edge is hand-dyed.


Your very own armchair 


Shinzo is available in lots of variants which can be put together individually. The armchair comes in two sizes – with a high or low back. The matching footstool functions as both a convenient footrest and very comfortable seat.

Shinzo with high or low back.


Walter Knoll CEO Markus Benz is at ease on Shinzo.


Take a seat

Martin Bergmann from EOOS is convinced: “Shinzo is very much a candidate for becoming a life companion. I can just imagine it being passed down from one generation to the next, enjoying a second and third life. It will work in another life, in its next one – made for a lifetime and beyond.”