The moment they are combined, materials, colors and shapes have a special effect on the senses. Enjoy our carefully curated mood boards - inspiring color worlds, compiled from our fabrics, leathers, woods and carpets.

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As day turns to night, moonlight touches twilight. In the morning dew, it slowly disappears in the mist. A play of light and shadow. Contrasts of light and dark. The colors of the moon's path: from the gray-blue of the night to the rust-brown of the morning. A harmonious interplay of colors and materials.

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In a pond filled with water lilies, pinks and yellows blur into each other. Bright colors create a lively feel. Light tones bring freshness and radiance. Fine, delicate nuances in materials and colors recall a shimmering pearl.

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"In nature we find both the inspiration for the materials, and how to use them in manufacture and design."

Helmut Scheufele, artist & material expert

Off White

A walk through the world of white shades. Calm, subdued colors and materials create a meditative effect. Bright, inviting, fresh. Interspersed with a shimmer or subtle sheen. A sublime mood and depth of detail through the interplay of coarse and fine.

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A subtle balance of harmony and contrast. Coarse and fine combined. Dark shades provide depth, while white tones set accents. 

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