375 Chair. Design: Walter Knoll Team.

Charming family

Certain characteristics and traits will never be out of fashion: elegance, style and understatement are three of them. The 375 Chair utterly embodies these virtues while remaining exceptionally comfortable. As a dining or low side chair, this velvety armchair lends the dining room the qualities of a lounge. The seat and back shell can be covered in a combination of fabric and soft nappa leather.

The 375 Chair with its dining and low side chair models complements the 375 family, composed of the Lady’s and the Gentleman’s Chair.

  • 375 Armchair – the Gentleman’s Chair. With a high backrest for comfortable sitting.
  • 375 Armchair – the Lady’s Chair. The small armchair with a low backrest was designed in 1957.
  • 375 Chair – as a low side chair.
  • 375 Chair – as a dining chair. For comfortable sitting at the dining table.

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