Textile art objects

In a first of its kind creative partnership, we have joined forces with the renowned Swiss artists WIEDEMANN METTLER to unveil a series of exclusive, hand-crafted artwork cushions in limited numbers. Each individual cushion is unique and filled with a special energy.

We see our cushions as artistic textiles, enriching interiors through tactile creative expression in a way that purely visual works cannot.

Art is their way of life​

Pascale Wiedemann and Daniel Mettler, Swiss companions in both art and life hailing from Grisons, Switzerland, have been cultivating a rich, multidimensional creative partnership within their shared live-work studio since 2001. Their oeuvre is complex and multifaceted, as sensual as it is subtle, often autobiographical, spanning an array of materials and media.

Spatial thinking was always second nature to them, stemming from their applied arts backgrounds. Architect-educated Daniel Mettler now teaches architecture, while Pascale Wiedemann studied industrial and stage design. 

Their imaginative style has amassed great interest in galleries in Switzerland (e.g. art Genève) or Germany (e.g. documenta), including solo showcases and group exhibitions. Examples of their contributions to art in architecture can be seen in Zurich, Basel, or Chur. ​

It had to be a jointly created cushion. 

The cushion has a special freedom in design – it is predestined to be an art object. Art transports its own spirit into a room. It’s not solely about color or the object; the message conveyed by an artwork carries the artist’s spirit and, with it an additional energy into a room.

"Our aim was to design motifs that complement the carpets, the furniture and respect the ideals of Walter Knoll. Much like tiny inhabitants: Good Spirits.’"

Pascale Wiedemann

Such is now the life of these amiable beings in our collection. The Good Spirits are among us. They connect our home, our furniture, our art.

 The art of bleaching – 

the opposite of painting

The selection of motifs was a collaborative effort. The material – the velvet Harald – was already part of the Walter Knoll collection; Pascale Wiedemann has artistically distorted it in a way that fits into the Walter Knoll world. She paints with bleach on textiles. If painting is seen as adding color, bleaching is the exact opposite: painting with bleach means removing color.

Limited Edition

Each cushion is a unique piece, made by hand over days and hours in the artists' private studio. The entire edition is limited to 300 pieces. 


The motifs

Each motif is available in five colorscapes.


weightlessly free the spirit nurtures itself

Beyond Horizon

 the vast expanse beyond the horizon