Ison Bed.

Design: EOOS.

Ison Bed is a new, versatile bed system for different space and design requirements. Ison is Japanese for legacy. We are continuing this successful concept with Ison – first as a corner bench, now we go even further: the corner bed.

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We translate design and comfort into sitting and lounging spaces, carrying the same high standards we set for the quality of our furniture right through to our beds. Our approach is holistic. Everything we do as a brand is aimed at creating spaces that sustainably enhance our well-being, that touch us and fill us with energy.

"With the Walter Knoll Sleeping System, we realize our vision of a healthy sleep with own products.”

Markus Benz
Ison Bed is designed to meet the different planning requirements of bedrooms. Whether as a bed with a high headboard, low back, wide overhangs at the sides or as a corner bed - all sizes and variants create a wonderful place to sleep that is compatible with personal preferences and needs.

"It's better to sleep in a beautiful and comfortable bed"

In addition to classic versions, the Ison Bed is also available as a corner bed. The all-round headboard creates a cozy bunk, with a comfortable corner between the back and side. The upholstered sides cocoon the body all round, not touching a wall. The upholstered surfaces are warm, creating a cozy feeling of security.

The corner bed is an ideal solution for bedrooms with smaller dimensions where a bed cannot be used as stand-alone in a room. Reclining in the Ison Corner Bed, feeling safe and secure in an attractive piece of furniture that aesthetically enhances the room.

The softly upholstered surfaces are an invitation to use the bed not only for sleeping, but for leaning back, relaxing, reading a book or watching a movie. Daytime use as a sofa bed is therefore included.

One Characteristic of Ison:

The striking piped quilting. We have taken up this feature from the design of the Ison bench and developed it further for the context of sleeping. This quilting of the headboard creates a homely coziness and comfort.

Perfect combination: the Walter Knoll sleeping system Yokuneru.

Our body feels best when surrounded by things that are perfectly tailored to it. The Walter Knoll sleeping system, consisting of topper, top mattress and base mattress is a perfect fit for the Ison Bed Sleeping System.

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