Cuoio Chair.

Design: EOOS.

The logic of minimalism defines the form and materials of our Cuoio chair. Leather and steel are the components of its surface and framework. The leather hugs the body, while the back and seat are gently yielding. Cuoio chair comes with or without armrests, in all black or in natural earth tones.

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Cuoio’s secret is the slits in the back. They have three functions: ergonomic, structural, and aesthetic. Lacing ensures flexible support under the seat. Doing without any padding has resulted in a minimalist, striking, and comfortable chair which is, as a consequence, both durable and sustainable. As the leather ages, it gains a patina.

How it came about: “We wanted to make our first saddle leather chair, a chair like there’s never been before,” says the designer at EOOS. Inspired by the minimalism of fashion designer Helmut Lang, the Vienna-based design team sought to create a chair with a shape that was purely functional and yet poetic.

„Any less material – and you’d start to float“