Liz-M Chair.

Design: Claudio Bellini.

Liz-M Chair is flexible in use – at a conference table, at events, seminars or lectures. Free-standing or linked in a row – up to twelve chairs can be stacked safely. A consistently restrained use of materials is part of its design. All of its parts can be easily separated and recycled.

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Liz-M Chair means: less is more. More minimalism, more lightness – in construction, upholstery, and feel. Maximum comfort with minimum weight. The design has an intelligent construction: the cover is made of one piece; the knitted fabric becomes the upholstery. A pad sits comfortably on the armrest. Also available: our classic Liz Chair and softly padded Liz Wood Chair. 


The chair’s innovative knitted fabric has superb resilience, which varies according to the thickness of the weave. Different colors and twisted yarns give the surface a vibrant, three-dimensional effect. The circular-knitted fabric is pulled over the frame in one piece – like a stocking. Arms and seat, cover and springs are all made of the same material.