Product family

Andoo Program

Elegant proportions, materials and details are the common themes throughout the Andoo family of armchair, stool, chair, and barstool. A consistent overall aesthetic provides an impression of clarity and calm.

The highly complex art of simplicity. Using the logic of the minimal, the models in the program appear familiar, appealing, and, in a quiet way, extraordinary. Modern archetypes, leather and wood, meet in radical lines - a functional interplay of hard and soft materials. Andoo immediately brings a feeling of coziness into a space.

Andoo was designed by the Austrian design trio EOOS, which follows the design approach of "poetic analysis". A unique tool to explore deep-rooted ideas, traditions, and myths as the basis of new designs. Exploring the culture of human rituals, EOOS questions the meaning and function of design, and provides its own answers.