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Saddle Chair Program

A program of stools, chairs and barstools that are precisely crafted, classically austere in form, and at the same time extraordinarily comfortable. Once again, a testament to our appreciation for master craftsmanship, with every chair handcrafted to perfection.

Saddle follows the design concept of the elegance of consistent form: great precision goes into tailoring the leather, polishing and coloring the edges, and sewing the seams. The firm upholstery contributes to a feeling of complete sophistication. For relaxed sitting at table, bar or counter.

The Saddle Program was designed by the Austrian design trio EOOS, which follows the design approach of "poetic analysis". A unique tool to explore deep-rooted ideas, traditions and myths as the basis of new designs. Exploring the culture of human rituals, EOOS questions the meaning and function of design, and provides its own answers.