Modern Icons: FK Chair.

Design: Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm.

A signpost of minimalism: emblematic of a new design language, this shell chair became a symbol of modern design. The FK signaled an evolution of modernism. Every point of the FK is defined – to this day, it represents timelessly relevant design throughout the world.  

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In 1969, it was the first recipient of the German Prize for Good Form. The clearly thought-through shape of the chair and its unmistakable independence amazed the public. The concise name is a reference to the initials of its creators. Two young, Danish interior architects in the tradition of functional-aesthetic Scandinavian design: Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm. Both were still developing, trying things out, finding their place in the world and in design. Ready to leave what already existed behind them, in order to create something new. Both believed that form and aesthetics should go hand in hand. 


It was near Stuttgart, home of the famous Weißenhof Estate, that the two were able to fulfil their vision, and find a sparring partner who was able to bring their experiments with form and material into reality. The production was perfected according to the master principle, providing them with support. Fine lines, clear contours – a graphic silhouette presenting volume and lightness on a three-pointed crossed base. At the time, completely new materials made the shell technically possible.

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Modern Icons: Black Edition

Part of the Black Edition of modern originals: the FK chair in a glove-soft nappa leather named ‘Classic’ with a matt-black back shell and soft seat pad. The chair is part of the Black Edition of icons from different eras – from the 1950s to the beginning of the new millennium. Together, all the models bear witness to an exceptional coherence and stringency.

Modern Icon Black Edition

Our special edition brings together modern icons from different eras. Four programs of timeless classics are presented for the Black Edition in uncompromising black.