Management-X combines two disciplines: workstation and wall. The modular system offers a wide range of individual configurations for working, meeting, storage and IT integration.

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Management-X merges several of our programs into one concept 

Our Mono-V, Keypiece Communication and Storage System programs can be connected directly to the wall. Through interaction with other programs, Management-X creates an aesthetic connection. The uniform appearance corresponds to the Walter Knoll aesthetic philosophy of lasting design.

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Timeless design and the finest materials  

Management-X is flexible and highly adaptive with pedestals, desks, shelving systems, coat stands and panels. The wall panels can be covered in fabric, veneer or Fenix, or manufactured as writable whiteboard. Each panel width is oriented to the scale of the pedestals for aesthetic clarity. For the surfaces, there is a choice of the Walter Knoll finishes veneer, lacquer or Fenix. 

Workplace and conference table in one 

For different people with different working styles: people can take different approaches to interpret the modular wall system to suit their personal preferences and ways of working. We have created a smart solution for various use cases that works equally well for multiple compact individual offices in a coordinated aesthetic, as it does for large-scale open spaces where several people work together in teams.   

Designed to last 

If restructuring or relocation is planned in the future, the modular system is easy to extend, convert or expand – to ideally suit the changed requirements. The special thing about it: the wall behind it remains largely untouched. Management-X is set up regardless of the nature of the wall. Even in the case of a conversion, the basic structure remains; room walls do not need to be renewed. The purpose of a room is easy to reassign with Management-X, for example from an office to a meeting room.   

„Our goal is to bring quality into every room, to enhance the user’s personal well-being. Management-X helps to create an office in which you enjoy receiving guests.“

Markus Benz, CEO Walter Knoll

Simple planning, easy assembly  

The basis is a simple support system on the wall, which can be covered with different wall panels. The panels create a visual connection and can be individually designed and equipped. Both the installation and equipping are easy to handle, as is the configuration with our smart planning system – we would be happy to plan your office for you. 

How Management-X is set up 

You can learn here in the video below how the assembly of the wall system works. We have also prepared a detailed step-by-step instruction. You can download the assembly video in full length under the following link: download assembly video

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