Seito Wood Table.

Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

A unique table sculpture made of solid wood: a playful sense of lightness emerges through a balance of lines, angles and surfaces. The oval table top and the crossed base can be made from the finest woods, such as oak or nutwood. This wooden table is available in three different sizes. 

Warmth and sensuality. The choice of solid wood brings a feeling of coziness and natural elegance into every room. Crafted with soft, rounded edges, the design of table invites you to reach out and gently run your hand across its surface. The touch of the design leaves a lasting impression that you want to hold on to. 

Dining in good company. The Seito family of dining tables, with surfaces made of natural wood or solid quartz, fits seamlessly into private and public spaces alike. Freestanding in a living or dining room, the dining table commands attention. In hospitality areas, the solid wood creates a refined ambience, while the version with a quartz table top represents both lightness and an exciting combination of materials.