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Table d'Or in Guldental, Germany

Johann Lafer's prestigious, cutting-edge cookery school is fitted with exclusive furniture and innovative technology.

In Johann Lafer's cookery school Table d’Or, fragrance, taste, aesthetics, colors, and furniture are combined into a unique harmonious composition. In a modern setting, Lafer imparts haute cuisine cookery techniques surrounded by innovative kitchen and media technology.  

Comfortable eating

In the centre of the kitchen, set around a generous table, our Gio chairs offer superb comfort while savouring dishes. A maximum of 16 course attendees get to enjoy cooking together with Johann Lafer. He operates the innovative cookery schools at his romantic wineyard, teaching his guests to have exquisite taste.

Guldental Germany
Space Type
Dining room, Kitchen, Restaurant/bar
Jörg Gehles Architekt
Johann Lafers Table d’Or GmbH