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Foster + Partners

As one of the most successful architecture firms of modern times, Foster + Partners sets global standards for extraordinary and intelligent architecture. 

The era-defining work of Foster + Partners, founded in 1967 by Norman Foster, includes the headquarters of Swiss Re in London, the Hearst Tower in New York, and the redesign of the Reichstag in Berlin.

The collaboration between Foster + Partners and Walter Knoll began with the furnishing of the latter project. Since then, the two companies have brought the principles of architecture and interior design together again and again, to create a variety of seating systems and furniture collections.

How can architecture and furniture work together? How can a piece of furniture, like a building in the city, guide the flow of human movement? Posing questions like these has guided Norman Foster throughout his two decades-long partnership with Walter Knoll. The common focus is always traditional craftsmanship, hand in hand with modern production methods, designing for a variety of public and private office and living spaces. 

Foster 520 armchair – designed by Foster + Partners. 


"We share a conviction that the quality of design has an impact on the quality of our lives."

Foster & Partners

Our concepts are characterized by modularity and sustainability: the latter being the most important theme for Foster + Partners. Our furniture can be found in the most important lobbies, airports, museums, and galleries in the world. Designs that both bring people together, and offer individuals space for moments of focus.

Modern companies and living spaces are constantly changing. Time and again, Foster + Partners, together with Walter Knoll, have proven themselves able to respond.