Mono-V Desk.

Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

A workbench for leaders: the graphic lines and bridge shape of the executive desk stand for architectural clarity. Projects can be sorted and structured on the large desk top. The height adjustment function allows different positions to be taken at the desk. Valuable and customizable.

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New tools for modern leadership

The Mono-V desk program is tailored to the needs of executives and leaders. The architecture of the product follows the communication style of its owner. Mono-V creates a communicative space that does justice to its role: communication is a leadership tool, and Mono-V the corresponding workbench.  


Monolithic, variable

Two vertical pieces support one horizontal – recalling the historic place of pilgrimage, Stonehenge. It was this impressive monument that provided Wolfgang C. R. Mezger with the inspiration for Mono-V: “To elevate the archetypal look into new spheres, to enliven it with impressive aesthetics, and to imbue it with the most modern of functions.” The aesthetic of the material conveys a monolithic impression, while Mono-V can be varied between a sitting desk and a standing desk – hence the name.

“Mono-V stands for the individual communication style of an executive. A clear desk for clear thoughts.”

Markus Benz, Walter Knoll CEO

Archaic clarity

The options: the panel-leg table is a prestigious executive desk and conference table, while a T-leg creates an elegant, compact executive desk with a lighter look. The table can be raised, and is suitable for working at various levels, both sitting and standing. The mono-material desk is accompanied by high-quality details on the edges or the modesty panel. Material and shape in balance.

A leather panel for added functionality and emotion

The leather is pleasant to the touch and is not only very sensorial, but also helpful at work: you can neatly spread out a complex task on the large leather surface. Mono-V thus helps you sort through things and prepare a decision. The sensuousness and clarity of material and proportions bring quality to a room.

Mono-V support container

Compact and versatile – the support container for the Mono-V table range. The container supports work, filing, storage. Available in different surfaces and veneers for tables with a depth of 75/80 cm and 95/100 cm.
Consistent and clear: the add-on container follows the archetypal formal language of desk and sideboard. The compact dimensions allow for a free-floating corner of the tabletop – lend lightness to the room and ensure legroom. Two visitors can be accommodated effortlessly – take a seat at the table.