Mono-V Sideboard.

Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

The corresponding storage solution for the Mono-V desk program for the storage of personal items and work utensils. Also available as a container, directly connected to the table.

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Archaic clarity

The Mono-V desk program is tailored to the needs of executives and leaders. The architecture of the product follows the communication style of its owner. Mono-V creates a communicative space that does justice to its role: communication is a leadership tool, and Mono-V the corresponding workbench. The sideboard in the design of the desk adapts to your established routines.
Drawers with useful divisions offer generous storage space. If desired, the top gives you access to ports so you can connect your favorite devices.

“Every trend has a counter-trend; the open office contrasts with the classic private office. The sensory nature and clarity of materials and proportions bring quality into a room.“

Markus Benz, Walter Knoll CEO

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