Ishino Lounge Chair.

Design: Daï Sugasawa.

The armchair from the Ishino family with a pronounced higher back for particularly striking seating comfort and a pleasant moment of relaxation. A holistic experience of pleasure: lean against the chair and allow yourself to sink in – submerge yourself for a moment and feel completely snug and secure.

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The Lounge Chair, available with a variety of covers, rests on an elegant plinth and invites us to enjoy its finely rounded curves and extra-soft upholstery. Typically Ishino: the characteristic design language and elegant seam details.

A cover made of Velvet leather gives the highback armchair a particularly high-quality and attractive look – a joy to touch. For even more comfort, a decorative cushion in the back, adapted to the shape, is available on request.  

Take a generous seat and be hugged by the pleasantly rounded back. The material attracts us almost magically, and surrounds us like a shell. Ishino stands for ideal proportions and a vision of more design: a clear and balanced silhouette, with relaxed yet precise folds. Every seam sits exactly where it should. 

How can a piece of furniture appeal to a feeling held deep within us? We long to be immersed in comfort. This longing is manifested in the soulful softness of the program designed by Daï Sugasawa.  

The uniform design language of the entire product family of sofas, armchairs, récamieres, stools and tables offers many possibilities for individual furnishing. Ishino allows us to be immersed in comfort, and to share this feeling with others.