Ishino Récamiere.

Design: Daï Sugasawa.

The récamiere from the Ishino family: a place you will love to relax in. A generous seat, inspired by the classic chaise longue. The récamiere opens to one side, giving a clear view of the room.

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Ishino’s inimitable softness ensures very comfortable sitting and lounging. A casual, compact alternative or complement to a sofa – as with Ishino Sofa and Armchair, the high back of the récamiere provides a feeling of security and invites us to enjoy its finely rounded curves and extra-soft upholstery.

Take a generous seat and be hugged by the pleasantly rounded back. The material attracts us almost magically, and surrounds us like a shell. Ishino stands for ideal proportions and a vision of more design: a clear and balanced silhouette, with relaxed yet precise folds. Every seam sits exactly where it should. 

How can a piece of furniture appeal to a feeling held deep within us? We long to be immersed in comfort. This longing is manifested in the soulful softness of the program designed by Daï Sugasawa.  

The uniform design language of the entire product family of sofas, armchairs, récamieres, stools and tables offers many possibilities for individual furnishing. Ishino allows us to be immersed in comfort, and to share this feeling with others.