Foster 620 Bench.

Design: Norman Foster.

A flexible modular system for individual, sculptural seating solutions. The six units can be combined as desired to form different arrangements: straight, narrow, wide, S-curves or hairpin curves. The banquette system fits in any surroundings and structures lobbies, lounges, galleries, and airports. 

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Every unit consists of a compact backrest and generous seat area. It is supported by blade-like, almost invisible feet. These benches can be linked together with a clever connection system – side to side, or back to back. Long decorative seams and gathered upholstery underline the quality and impact of the design. Optional USB connections allow flexible working. The Foster 620 side table completes this range designed for public spaces.

How can architecture be accompanied by furniture? How can a piece of furniture manage the flow of human movement? Norman Foster developed the Foster 620 to bring people together in conversation and to offer a single place for moments of concentration. The curved units are designed to give two different perspectives – inward and outward.

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