Ishino Wood Table.

Design: Daï Sugasawa.

Side tables made of fine wood in the characteristic organic pebble shape of the Ishino family. The naturally elegant design language allows a balance of lightness and volume to emerge. Ishino Wood Table is available in all Walter Knoll solid wood surfaces with a choice of three different dimensions.

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Hand charmers of a special kind: crafted with soft, rounded edges, the design of table invites you to reach out and gently run your hand across its surface. The touch of the design leaves a lasting impression that you want to hold on to. 

As an eye-catching piece in the middle of a living room, or next to a sofa island or group of lounge chairs. It can be combined with other models from the Ishino family in the same design language or with lots of other products.

The natural beauty of polished pebbles inspired Daï Sugasawa’s design. “It’s my aim to bring organic, natural elements back into people’s living spaces and to reconnect us with our environment. It was a real opportunity to put this idea into practice with Walter Knoll. Because we share the same understanding, the same passion: we know the value of products crafted with the finest materials. In combination with technical know-how and craftsmanship, meticulous care and dedication, we have managed to create a one-of-a-kind product.”

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