Conference-X Table.

Design: EOOS.

The agile conference table system: Conference-X Table can be converted or dismantled in seconds without any previous knowledge or tools. Elegant X-frame legs support the slim, sensuous table top – maximizing aesthetics and efficiency.

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Spaces are used with ever-increasing versatility. What does a table look like that combines aesthetics with multi-functionality, and meets a huge variety of requirements – from short meetings to international symposiums? It was with these questions in mind that Conference-X Table was developed by our designers and engineers. The mainstay is the solid aluminum X-frame base – elegant, light, and structurally strong.

The patented Easy Handle connection technology is all in the base: the mechanism engages the table top, and handles engage the locking mechanism. Positioning pins guarantee the table tops are connected precisely. In this way legs and feet are easily, quickly, and securely connected.

Conference-X also comes in larger sizes with a working surface depth of up to 140cm, allowing people to sit opposite each other and work together.

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Assembly & Handling

Learn in the video how easy Conference-X can be set up and converted and get to know the different features and configurations. 

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