Scale-Media Conference Table.

Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

The master of the boardroom: the creative possibilities of this intelligent modular system are so diverse in shape, extent, material, and media engineering that every table is unique. An unprecedented expression of a company’s individual identity, values, and objectives.

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Scalable and versatile: this conference table can hold 8 to 18 people. To work with different chairs, each table is available with three different seat widths. The elegant surfaces are crafted in veneer, fine-textured lacquer, or Fenix. The table top can be boat-shaped with rounded edges, rectangular, or trapezoid. Scale-Media is supported by a choice of legs or an enclosed base. Connectors in the table top and flaps or leather inlays allow cables and technology to discreetly disappear. 

The development of Scale-Media Conference Table is based on many years of collaboration and consultation with customers throughout the world and is a response to the question: How can we develop a conference table of the very highest standard that adapts to individual requirements, and at the same time is based on existing design principles? The result: the made-to-measure suit of conference tables – each individual piece stands for consistent excellence in scaling, workmanship and finishing, materials and surfaces. German engineering skill combined with perfect craftsmanship.