Muud Lite Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

Quality in space with great comfort and high value with compact dimensions. The sofa’s wide range of configuration options allow for a great deal of design freedom. Its timeless, reduced design language with fine craftsmanship fits into the most diverse environments.

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Elegant lightness

The Muud Lite Sofa stands for an optimally balanced relationship between minimalism in the use of materials and comfort in the upholstery. Precise on the outside, comfortable on the inside thanks to its pleasantly curved sides and back. For activity-based workspaces, open spaces, in the lounge or waiting area of a store or law firm, as well as in the lobby or bar of a boutique hotel. 

The feel-good factor at work

Work can be not only an obligation, but also quality time. Personal well-being and feeling good at work increase productivity and are a decisive factor for success. They enhance the attractiveness of a workplace and, not least, of the employer. After all, you are happy to stay somewhere that makes you feel good.

Whether upholstered in fabric or leather, high-quality seam details are characteristic of the Muud family. Many configuration options and positions are available: as a corner solution, in a U-shape or in the combination of armchair and sofa or two identical models facing each other. 

A USB port allows for the charging of mobile devices.

A reduced design for new uses

The designers from EOOS have managed to create complete comfort in a small space: Muud Lite and Muud Silent expand the Muud family and, with their compact dimensions, offer an efficient and costsensitive solution for optimal use of space. This is sustainability in action: the sensible use of space and resources.

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