Muud Silent Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

The screens of the Muud Silent Sofa make it possible to create a space in a large room where you can have confidential conversations and work on something together. A sustainable and economical solution – reduced in material and volume.

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Room dividers and communication zones

The back and sides of the screens can be used to create private U-shapes, half-open L-formats, or generous, open room dividers. Muud Silent is designed for activity-based workspaces or open offices as well as lounge and waiting areas.


Ease and clarity

The screens have a sound-absorbing effect, there is a wide range of fabrics to choose from. Furthermore, you can choose a leather or fabric in which the associated sofa will be covered. The characteristic feature of the Muud family, high-quality seam detailing, also appears here. An elegant saddle leather strap is found on the back of the screen.

Always happy to return to the office 

People go into the office to meet with others. It’s all about creating a stimulating environment where you love to work through your to-do list. We help to design spaces that accommodate the different tasks and situations in working life. Muud Silent is made for situations where people come together – communication with commitment on a level playing field. A sensible change from working at home. And a major factor in ensuring optimum performance.  

A reduced design for new uses

The designers from EOOS have managed to create complete comfort in a small space. Muud Lite and Muud Silent expand the Muud family, their compact dimensions offering an efficient and price-sensitive solution for optimized space economy. This is sustainability in action: the sensible use of space and resources.