Ishino Stool.

Design: Daï Sugasawa.

The stool of the Ishino family: the low seat features the same design language and seam details as the armchair, sofa and récamiere. Whether in a living room or bedroom, Ishino Stool, available in three dimensions, is a beautiful soloist.

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The base of the stool has a retractable handle made of fine saddle leather that ensures easy moving of the furniture.
The flat seats are suitable as companions to almost all our sofas. Whether in private rooms or hospitality areas – our stools help you create a sense of well-being in a room.

How can a piece of furniture appeal to a feeling held deep within us? We long to be immersed in comfort. This longing is manifested in the soulful softness of the program designed by Daï Sugasawa.  

The uniform design language of the entire product family of sofas, armchairs, récamieres, stools and tables offers many possibilities for individual furnishing. Ishino allows us to be immersed in comfort, and to share this feeling with others.