Living Landscape 755 Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

Life with a 360-degree perspective: a sofa collection where the living experience can change direction. The end and corner units can be rotated 90 degrees. The high-quality, soft upholstery invites you to relax, while the integrated trays provide practical and beautiful storage areas. 

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Living Landscape 755 is the comfort zone for everyone and everything. One person might be reading, another gazing at the landscape outside, while a third person works. Independently from one another, but close enough to be together. Just right. This sofa fits flexibly into a room without taking over – living room, loft, open space. With a clear shape, solid and stable. Expertly created in perfect craftsmanship from the upholstery to the seams.

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When they were creating it, the designers at EOOS considered the question: Which pieces of furniture can best establish a relationship between furniture and room? The answer: the ideal sofa has to reflect the diversity of open architecture by opening up, or unlocking, the various perspectives of the room.