Muud Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

An oasis of well-being for urban and smaller spaces, with soft upholstery, soft cushions, and an airy look. The recamière can be easily swiveled across the floor. The new down-filled Dream Cushion allows the sofa corner to be soft and supportive at the same time.

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For mornings reading, evenings relaxing – and at night, transforming into a guest bed for a spontaneous visitor. A flick of the wrist, and the geometry of the sofa transforms. This flexible design can stand freely in a room, or create a cozy corner. The EOOS designers rethought every element that makes up a sofa, in order to create a soft and airy appearance with as little material as possible. The development process took years: constructions were changed, functions optimized, upholstery redesigned. The result: a new favorite place. 

Dream Cushion was specifically created for Muud. As with the sofa, the design of the cushion was rethought from scratch, for even more comfort and variety when sitting and lying. The pillow with feather filling is ideally positioned over the corner, and we recommend to combine it with another cushion for support. An upholstered seat completes the lounging area.
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„Feeling with the eyes, sensing with the body. It is rare that a piece of furniture that does so much is so well designed.“