Maaru Sofa.

Design: EOOS.

Airy, casual, free: Maaru is an expression of lifestyle. A sofa in free-form – rounded, curved lines that seem to wrap us in a warm embrace. Touching softness, naturalness and harmony, executed with accomplished upholstery expertise. An inviting, happy place to sit and relax, where the whole family can enjoy time together. 

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Maaru comes from Maru – Japanese for circle

Maaru is given form by this fine art of curved lines. Inspired by Far Eastern landscape architecture, the EOOS design brings naturalness into the home. Like Japanese gardens, the focus is on harmony and beauty. It is about the natural flow and the structures associated with it, curved lines paired with a clear design language and minimalistic aesthetics.

Maaru spans a bridge – inspired by the precision and infinity of the circle combined with the lifestyle of twenty-first-century coolness.

Martin Bergmann, EOOS

Airiness and touching softness

Maaru has an appealing, independent aesthetic with its free forms and curved lines. Lighter, freer, and more casual. Effortlessly blending into the architecture, this slender sofa inhabits the space in its own inimitable way. Soft curves and a reduced volume give a sense of lightness and comfort. 

Softness is lifestyle and longing. Maaru delivers on this – wrapping us in a warm embrace.

Markus Benz, CEO Walter Knoll

Minimalism and separability

Maaru has a reduced design with few parts. The different components, such as seat, base and back, are not glued together. This makes the sofa easily separable and recyclable. Covers are removeable.

Happy place

For sitting and for lounging. There is a place for everyone. Somewhere we can relax, work, read, or watch television, alone or with others. Maaru is available in different sizes, with open or closed armrests, with or without a récamiere. A matching stool is also available.