The Dürnitz cultural lounge at the Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

With a cafe, lounge and shop furnished by historic supplier to the royal court Walter Knoll, the foyer of the Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart's Old Castle is set to become a new gathering space.

Around 280,000 people visit the Württemberg State Museum in the Old Castle (Altes Schloss) at the heart of the city of Stuttgart every year. The building is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in southern Germany. Visitors enter the exhibition rooms via the Gothic Dürnitz (Dirnitz) building with its large hall on the ground floor. The spacious foyer, called the Dürnitz, which is open to the public, has a special flair thanks to its historic walls, high ceilings, cozy lounge, and café. This is where people meet – often just to enjoy the pleasant space. Because well-being is a top priority here.

Foyer of the Old Castle

The history of Württemberg from the Stone Age to the 19th century is documented in the State Museum. Collections of archaeology, art, and cultural history as well as everyday and popular culture can be seen in the building founded in 1862 by Wilhelm I, King of Württemberg. As a company based in Württemberg and former supplier to the Royal Court, Walter Knoll was chosen to furnish the newly designed columned hall, having already furnished the museum itself. In terms of aesthetics and quality, our furniture further emphasizes the social and elegant atmosphere for visitors to the city.

Social hub

Since time immemorial, the great hall – in earlier times even with a fireplace – has served as a meeting place. Today, the museum still strives to be a center open to all sections of the population. The size, spaciousness, and design of the foyer with elegant furnishings reflect the institution’s particularly high standards in terms of materials, design, and the associated quality of a visit. The foyer was intended to be a multifunctional place where people feel at ease and where they can feel a sense of connection with themselves and with society.

Light and welcoming 

Different zones and uses of the foyer are indicated by the furniture. In the café, you can sit on our comfortable Liz Chairs at the Lox Tables or on the Together Benches and have a relaxed lunch, read, or catch up with friends. There is an atmosphere of elegance throughout the foyer in terms of color, with furniture in subtle and earthy tones, the indirect lighting of the historic walls, and the illuminated glass work of art by Susanne Liebold from Stuttgart. The design is intended to be highly enjoyable because the light-flooded room with around 500 seats is often visited independently of the museum.

Homely and comfortable

In the lounge, our Jaan Benches, the elegant Lox Side Tables, 375 Chairs and our curvaceous Bao Armchairs, which add colorful accents, form comfortable and attractive hubs. Rugs are used as visual zoning, creating a homely atmosphere but also having a positive effect on spatial acoustics.
In quieter areas, our Conference-X Tables with gently curvaceous Liz Chairs offer the opportunity to work comfortably at a table with a laptop. Overall, our furniture fulfils the museum foyer’s aim to be a place where visitors feel completely at ease.

The proof is in feedback from visitors. Our furniture helps the foyer meet its goal of being a place where people feel both comfortable and welcome.