The Farns Sideboard Low.

Design: EOOS.

Incredible architecture and structure: The mirrored drawers and doors of The Farns can be opened 180 degrees. A furniture piece with many faces, for countless lighting moods – The Farns is a sideboard or buffet table, a highboard or lowboard, a cabinet or bar, a shelf or a body of light.

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A decisive architectural item for every living room: like modernist architecture, The Farns plays with light and shade, form and geometry, wood and glass. A modern bungalow space, transparent and accessible. The Farns can be used as a body of light and bring out the features of a room. As a house in the house – a striking, self-contained little building – this piece is an homage to the Bauhaus. Clear and innovative like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous “Farnsworth House”, the prototype for all glass structures. 

The design by EOOS inspired the Walter Knoll developers and presented them with new challenges: door fittings were created especially for The Farns, along with an adhesive that compensates for the temperature differences between aluminum and glass, without losing any of its strength. New lighting technology was developed, to perfectly highlight the interior. The glass itself turns into a load-bearing structural element. 

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