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Legends of Carpets - Patterned Program

Our Legends of Carpets collection consists of three lines: Patterned, Plain and Silk. Discover the Patterned designs here and find out more about the special features of the line.

Landscapes and snapshots from abstract painting were translated into timeless, knotted works of art for the colorful Patterned carpets. Every carpet is given a name in Swahili, a language that connects many countries in Africa. Each expressive carpet encapsulates a proverb that has been passed down from generation to generation. 


Made of natural, high-grade materials such as wool from the Tibetan highlands, fine Chinese silk and the yarn of nettle fibers. Proportions: 55% wool, 25% nettle fibers and 15% silk, with slight variations depending on the motif.


The carpets have a particularly high color complexity of up to 80 colors. Each color is used in different combinations of materials, thus creating hundreds of color shades that flow into each other. The color selection corresponds to our Natural Elegance philosophy: cultured, harmonious colors, shapes and textures – inspired by nature. The natural shades are carefully dyed by hand.

Everything about the history, making and constituent parts of the Legends of Carpets

The Walter Knoll carpets were created together with fabric designer Helmut Scheufele, inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa. They take their strength from the source of creativity of that continent – translated into timeless knotted works of art.